Do you need to protect your business against people who are not who they say they are?


Halo’s database of deceased individuals can help to protect your organisation against false account activity.

As the most widely relied upon deceased fraud prevention solution on the market it enables organisations to determine if applications for credit, or payments for products and services are fraudulent.  

Halo addresses the business requirement for an effective and early deceased fraud alert and helps stop identity fraud in its tracks by verifying an applicant's details and deceased characteristics at the start of the process.

Halo helps business managers to make more informed decisions, promoting responsible lending and ongoing account management.



Widely recognised as a key element in helping identify fraudulent activity.  Used throughout the private and public sectors by those responsible for vetting and approving the purchasing of products and services, managing customer relationships, or complying with relevant legislation.



  • Fully verified data from exclusive sources.
  • Early alerts of potential fraudulent activity.
  • Helps keep your business compliant.

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